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As a baby boomer, knocked into an early retirement after having a stroke in 2014, I was not ready to stop giving back. 

Having dedicated most of my professional career to electronics and IT, I had years of experience in website design and maintenance. A year after my stroke, I formed Website Valley from the ground up, incorporating the latest tools and methods in the industry. At first, this was challenging, but I knew that my determination would carry me through. I learned from top professionals in the field and garnered advice on best practices. 

Very quickly, I learned that WordPress was the building platform used by a majority of websites. Also, Divi by Elegant Themes content builder worked seamlessly on the platform and had a fantastic community of support to learn from. By joining weekly groups like Divi Chat, I was able to explore new ideas, listen to experts discuss the best way to solve design issues, and learn how to run a design business.

Josh Hall

Through my tutorials, courses, blogs & podcast, I help web design freelancers and web agency owners (new and established) learn how to build professional websites and create a successful web design business around the lifestyle you want to live.

Learn a little more or if you’re ready to level up…let’s stop talk’n and start rock’n!

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Next, I knew that I needed to have my own business website to show visitors what my capabilities were. To accomplish this, I needed web hosting capable of handling many websites at the same time. Going with big name companies like GoDaddy or Host Gator would prove to be a costly mistake; every aspect of running a website had a fee attached.

Affordability and service came from listening to the experts that had already been through the trial and error of their own journey. I learned about a company called SiteGround and found that they were the best choice for me. I tried a new customer out with the service and had the website up and running in very little time. The service they provided was so much better than the competition and the server speed and reliability was superior; I took the next step and moved all my client websites over to SiteGround. 

One important aspect of a hosting company is how long it takes to contact support. With my previous service, it was not uncommon to spend 30 to 60 minutes listening to hold-music before talking to someone. By contrast, I now go to the online tech support and start working on any questions I have in less than 3 minutes.

Learning the best techniques and tricks with WordPress and Divi requires finding someone who gives their all to their team. I learned quickly from Divi Chat that Josh Hall was the person who could help me learn the extra things that take a web designer to the next level. Josh offers many free tutorials on working with WordPress and Divi as well as how to learn the basics in CSS (the styling code used in WordPress) that gives your designs more enhancements. He offers online courses that allow you to learn things like Website design, CSS, WooCommerce for Online stores, running a website design business and more.  


There are times that you hit a wall between knowing what to do and knowing you need help. When I need the highest level of help I turn to Focus WP. They are fully capable to provide the assistance I need –







If you are in the market for learning how to create your own website or you want to start a business of your own, please look into my Affiliate links on this page:

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Add Back-lit look to the Divi Blurb Module

Add Back-lit look to the Divi Blurb Module

The above image shows a Divi blurb module using a two-column row. In the left column is a blurb module using an image. In the right column, there are two blurb modules using icons.Start by choosing a two-column row  Add your title and text content. Next choose...

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The videos and web design tutorials cover many aspects of web design such as; HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress. I have also included tutorials covering e-commerce using the woo commerce plugin, as well as graphics and SEO tips.

Divi Chat

An exciting and engaging group of professionals who meet every week to discuss key elements of running a business and using Divi.

Focus WP

Focus WP


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