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Hello! My name is Grant and I am a website designer. In 2016 I launched Website Valley, a client-centered website design business. My method of working with you is to first establish a relationship with the customer so that we have a good communications link I do a lot of work with non-profit organizations to give them a platform to show others what they do and what they need to do it. I volunteered for 24 years as an EMT on a First Aid and Rescue Squad so I have a knowledge of how non-profits function.

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My Vision

Work with you to combine my ability with your content.

  • Design is a process

  •      Understand customer needs

  •           Obtain and create content

  • Design and create the pages

  •      Review all screen types

  •           Test for UX (User experience)

  • Review with Customer

  •       Monthly Maintenance Plan


Set the scope of work for your project. What type of website, how many pages, does a membership group need access to specific information? Do you sell products?


We take your information, content, and feedback to design a great looking engaging website


We work with you to test content and update important information


Build a website that is exciting, engaging colorful and responsive

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