About Our Services

We will make sure your website is secure, protected, backed up, and maintained.

What’s In The Plan?

Updates and Optimization

We keep your site updated, maintained, cleaned, and running smoothly and fast.

  • WordPress, theme monitored & updated
  • Plugins monitored and updated

Monitor and Protect

We are constantly monitoring your site for spam and Malware.

  • Website Protection
  • Daily Scanning and Monitoring

Backups and Restore Points

Your site is backed up weekly in multiple locations and can be restored at any time.

  • Weekly website backups
  • On & off-site backup locations
  • Daily restore points

Monthly Reports

We send you a monthly report of your page views, site traffic and more.

  • Monthly google analytics report of page views, site traffic details and more
  • Detailed reports on what’s been done to keep your site updated and secure.


As part of our Maintenance and Care Plan, we offer Free Hosting of your website
We offer any quick updates ( up to 1 Hour /month) for those ” I need this done quickly ” moments

$59.00 /Month


We offer a price break for multiple sites

No initiation or termination fees

Do you offer web Hosting & Maintenance?

We absolutely do. One of our strong points for our customers is to include hosting, SSL certificates, and maintenance care plans all in one 

What if I decline your Maintenance Plan?

Most customers see the value in having someone there making sure their website is updated and kept to optimal running standards.

  • Things like updating plugins that provide the function to the site
  • The Theme being used changes to keep up with WordPress updates and security changes
Does the Monthly update time roll over?

It does not.  The retainer for hourly updates is only for the current month.

What if I have updates that will take more than 1 hour?

We try to get your updates done within 1 hour, but if you have a project that will take longer than that we will go over the updates with you and notify you of the amount of time it will take at our hourly rate. You can also elect to do portions of the work each month to help save some costs.